Courtyard LA is producing gear at a nonprofit level. If you'd like to donate to help with the financial burden while receiving a discounted order, please see our GOFUNDME                                 


                                   COST BREAKDOWN

                                             COST PER MASK
            Charging approx $10 ea approx according to city recs 
-Cost per sew each $4 - $5 goes to sewer, yes that's how it's spelled :) and they sew approx 20+ per person a day and their day rate per is about $100-$120 per day and head sewer Rapha $150 day 
- Cost per fabric $2 - $5 depending on fabric requested
- Cost per packing/shipping requested by city $2 per order
- Cost per elastic is .50 which adds up on that quantity
-Taxes per order approx $1
So as you can see, there is little to no profit for providing during this time. 
Additional added costs during this time.
- Insane amounts of hand sanitizer $50 a week
- Cleaning staff required end of day $100 ea day
- Proctective gear for ourselves $50 a week for gloves, bags required by city for belongings etc
- Rent which is $4,900 a month to run and not canceled yet since we are operating
To Donate Please visit our GOFUNDME  listed under READY SET SEW