Courtyard LA Koalas

As everyone (or I hope everyone) has heard, the brush fires in both Australia and now surrounding areas are some of the worst in history.

Donating to reputable causes is one way we can all help and on our side we're going to go ahead and start a Courtyard koala adoption.

No, we do not physically receive a koala (we all wish) but the donations received go directly to their care. 

We will be publicly posting all funds received from accurate screenshots of product purchase data so you can rest assured these purchases go 100% to Koala Preservation Society and Hospital of Australia. (scroll to bottom of page for info)

*If you don't see your name below, hang tight! Due to high traffic the website for adopting is experiencing difficulties processing donations. That's a good thing and we'll be adding as it frees up!


You can also directly adopt at

The Koala Hospital is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility carrying out on-site procedures. All procedures and treatments are done at the Koala Hospital except for major surgeries and X rays which are undertaken at the Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital. Being a research/study centre it not only has a strong affiliation with University Sydney, University Technology Queensland and the Australian Museum, but also networks with many institutions, zoos, wildlife researchers, wildlife veterinarians and numerous wildlife rehabilitation groups worldwide.